god bless jonathan walsh out now⸻2021-2024 💙discography

god bless jonathan walsh

spender⸻frown⸻beautiful⸻perspective⸻drowsy⸻solace⸻(martinelli's cider)⸻disinfectant


girl⸻blacklight⸻beautiful⸻all the good times i missed⸻(intermission)⸻j's agony⸻swimming⸻don't worry

melancholia blue

eclipse⸻into sobriety⸻smoked reef⸻our room⸻(motion)⸻lindsey's dream⸻clarity⸻turmoil⸻miss you so bad

beyond the melancholic veil

somebody else is me⸻melancholics⸻foggy mornings⸻stuck in the endless loop of (de)realization⸻i don't want to confront him⸻romance⸻everything attacks / comfort in discomfort⸻same old winter mind⸻one day

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